Tips For Creating a Budget-Friendly Wedding

A wedding is a memorable event for everyone. Numerous guests are invited to attend the wedding. So, it’s a very expensive event. From venue decoration and catering to wedding attire and entertainment, everything must be considered when creating a budget for the wedding.

If you do the budgeting well, then you won’t get into any awkward situation. Many people run out of money while arranging everything for the wedding, and this won’t happen with proper budgeting.

You should categorize everything to make things simpler. There are some big expenditures in a wedding which include the venue, decorations, catering, wedding attire, photography, videography, and entertainment.

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Try to find out how much a wedding normally costs from someone you know. For example, your cousin might have married a few months ago. That way, you will know how much your budget should be.

As a rule of thumb, you should allocate 40% of the budget for venue and catering, 15% for photography and videography, 10% for entertainment, 10% for flowers, and 5% for wedding attire and beauty. You should allocate a small percentage of your budget for cake, gifts, and transportation too.

With some research, you can lower your cost on these things. For example, instead of hiring a popular musician for the wedding, you can arrange games like playing online casino games. Anyone at the event can become a PlayAmo player and enjoy various exciting games. Set up a poker table at the venue and hire a dealer!

Create a spreadsheet and write all the categories where you will have to spend money. Go back to the spreadsheet often to see if you can lower the cost of anything to make the wedding more budget friendly.